Oh jeez what’s going on on TNA

Scott Barker

WWE’s Reddit Leaks, Chris Jericho says farewell to WWE (for now), Daniel Bryan competes in 4 matches in one night(!), Chris Sabin wins the TNA World Championship, and reported backstage woes in Impact Wrestling

Well, just when you think the Vickie Guerrero problem has been solved and you get used to the fact that she’s been eradicated from our TV screens … she becomes the new General Manager of Smackdown.

There goes the rumblings of her becoming Ryback’s manager, then. Unless she manages to do both..

But in all seriousness, she’ll be better suited on Smackdown. The B-team. The less important show. Let it be known that these are the nicest words I’ve ever aimed towards Vickie Guerrero. Don’t you let me down now, Vickie! But from one GM to another, Brad Maddox opened Raw once again this week (still without any entrance music, but with a deflating drumroll). Mick…

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